Publicity Photos for Creatives in Northwest Indiana

I come across a lot of business cards, promotional flyers, Facebook profiles, etc. of many creative professionals in Northwest Indiana.  There is always the great band with the dimly lit photographs that don't match their personality or their great music or the artist or blogger with the terrific website and so-so images of themselves.  I believe it's important for a creative person or a business person to have great imagery if they want to properly present themselves to the world.

The is why I created the Creative Professionals Studio Package as well as a Creative Professionals On Location Package.

Northwest Indiana rock band Nomad Planets jokes around at an Hammond music studio for their publicity photo session.

Many writers and bloggers also fall victim to forgetting that photography is part of their branding and says much about them to their audience.  When Nichole came by the studio for her photo session, we decided that a lifestyle look was the way to go for her. So out came the coffee and pen and paper props for this blogger and web design professional.

Professional web designer and blogger from Northwest Indiana in a lifestyle publicity photograph.

Northwest Indiana singer and songwriter Steve Rempis asked for some edgy looks to promote his Commercial Suicide Songwriting Podcast.  He came into my Crown Point photography studio where I have a music set - complete with guitars, amplifiers and a rock and roll backdrop.  We blasted some songs on the iPod and had a good time  getting creative for his publicity photos.

Singer and songwriter Steve Rempis poses in a Crown Point portrait studio for his publicity photos.

Being an event photographer, I run into a lot of Northwest Indiana DJ's with a similar problem - great personalities, dedicated business practices, but with lame photographs to represent them!!  Let's capture what you are all about whether on location at your job or here in my studio.